Wednesday, July 13, 2011


A quick hit of something that sparked in my mind through some of reading.

First from New York Magazine: What Happens to All the Asian-American Overachievers When the Test-Taking Ends?

This is a thoughtful piece on the "Bamboo Ceiling," or how rote memorization can hamper Asian-Americans' advancement in a socially-interactive corporate setting. It also touches on Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother and the stereotypical expectation that Asian-American children will grow up to be doctors, lawyers, and bankers.

Then today, from the New York Times: New for Aspiring Doctors, the People Skills Test

Again, it's a push about the social skills lacking in doctors that make them poor team members and how to teach them to inject more emotion into their work. So, I have to wonder if this catches on, if we'll see fewer Asian doctors.

There's so much more to this conversation, so please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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  1. as someone who hires and works with a variety of staff over the years, I can say that social skills are indeed in jeopardy on the cultural and professional level. It seems to me that attention spans are shorter, and that workers become bored, frustrated, anxious (or even angry!) if an exchange goes more than a few minutes without being about them. we need to model and mentor social skills and empathy for our younger workers. for this reason, I am a bigger believer now in internships than I ever have been before.