Thursday, September 4, 2008

Reading Roundup

I am occupied with homework tonight after a lovely early happy hour with my classmates, and so I offer up the following items for your perusal:

  • Dilbert - I laughed hysterically at this. My husband thinks I'm nuts, because I want to go into Marketing.
  • GenPink - A blog for twentysomething career women. I'll overlook the pink.
  • Corporette - Found via Twitter, this site covers affordable professional work wear for women. I highly suggest following Corporette on Twitter, as the site offers an array of interesting links around the clock.
  • Facebook Ads Target You Where It Hurts - Rachel Beckman on the theory of social networking ads
  • Arcadia Maximo - When the guys told her she couldn't, she did--by starting her own construction company
Feel free to post any other interesting links in the comments.