Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dead Clowns and Bluetooth Headsets

From the Wall Street Journal, a review of two new "chic" Bluetooth headsets. I'm all in favor of Bluetooth headsets, but the images the two companies chose for their products are very
strikingly different.

The Plantronics Discovery 975 model is pretty nifty. It's space age, it's tiny, and it's definitely a man's man's gadget:

The guy showing of this amazing piece of technology is ready to get business done. He's a professional.

The other headset reviewed, the Jawbone Prime by Aliph, is obviously for the ladies:

Just remember, it's what all the hottest dead clown women are wearing this season. (The site also features other dead clowns in a variety of color palettes to match their supercool headsets.)

As a coworker remarked:

Imagine the pitch for this: "We have a really cool new headset. How can we sell it? I know! Dead women painted like clowns! Brilliant!" And someone else said, "Yes!"