Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reading Roundup

A sampling of good reading around the web:

  • The Think Big Project - I love finding people I know via Twitter, and today I stumbled on fellow Simmons alum Jennifer Johnston Canfield's website. Jen was a terrific team member in my Strategic Performance Measures course, and her website, as its title implies, thinks big.
  • Twitter Grader - Another fab tool from HubSpot, along the lines of Blog Grader and Website Grader, Twitter Grader will tell you the effectiveness of your Twitter profile. I scored 91/100.
  • Manifesto for the Content Curator - A recent opportunity came my way, and part of my research involved learning about content curation--something so new that my spell checker refuses to recognize the word curation. It's a fascinating concept, and this post from Rohit Bhargava is a great starting point on the topic.
  • Boston Hates Brutalism - I'm the only person I know who likes the design of City Hall, and this Fast Company piece talks about the buildings Bostonians dislike most. Bonus end video "Government Center" makes it doubly worth a click.
Feel free to share any fun links of your own in the comments!