Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Catering to Media Outlets

As a writer, and a marketer, I read constantly. And in this information age, there is more content out there for consumption than ever before. There are links on Twitter, Facebook, and StumbleUpon. Some sites I really love to explore fully--for example, I love trawling every morning, looking the Opinion section, Business Day, the top most emailed articles, the highlighted features, and so on.

But what I really love is my Google Reader.

I subscribe to a ton of blogs and sites via Reader, and now I must reveal a certain pet peeve of mine: publishers who don't allow Reader to access the full text of a post. Few things are more detracting than a grabbing headline, that when opened reveals only a few lines of cut off text.

When I think about this, there are reasons--perhaps these site want direct traffic instead of just the indirect hits from people reading in the Reader application. But really, I'm more likely to not read the content if I have to click through to another tab or window to get the full content.

There are exceptions: I love "Career Diva" Eve Tahmincioglu so I often forgive her non-full text publish and visit the site to read a post. But mostly, I skip over them. I recently added the Daily Beast to my subscription list, after hearing the incredible Tina Brown speak at the Simmons Leadership Conference. However, I haven't read too many of the posted items, because I hate having to move out of Reader to read them.

My advice to all those who publish blogs and e-zines: check your settings to full publish for RSS feeds. Because there are a lot of people out there who read via RSS Readers and you don't want to break our reading stride.