Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sound Bite: Why I'm not a top blogger

Are you a high schooler looking to establish a personal brand? Fast Company can tell you how to do that: U R What U Tweet.

After spending literally years learning about personal branding, I've decided I don't want a personal brand. If you're Dan Schwabel, and you've got a solid brand, I applaud you. But I don't want to narrow myself into a core mission or elevator pitch. I am a complex person, with complex thoughts, and while my day job is marketing, my weekends are packed with history, art, science, and a whole host of other topics. In fact, I love my weekends so much, you won't find me on Twitter on the weekends. Or Facebook, Google +, or even on a laptop. That alone is enough to make sure I'm not a top blogger.

In a lot of my online reading, I encounter people who have to admonish themselves to step away from the screen. I am not one of those people. I enjoy a good cuddle with a cat and Law & Order reruns. I love bicycling in the warm weather, and helping my husband build his model train layout.

I know yesterday I was complaining about being "old" and not accomplishing anything. But today, I realize that if I wanted to be in that whiz kid group, I'd have to stop having a life offline. I'm not willing to make that trade.

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