Friday, April 20, 2012

Cheesy Lesson Time

I watched Dangerous Minds for the first time last week. You know, that (eep!) 20 year old movie with Michelle Pfeiffer teaching inner city kids the joys of poetry.

It's not a bad movie, but it lacks a lot of the edginess that I remember seeing in the trailers when it first came out. (Or maybe it was way edgier back then, and I'm just jaded now.)

Anyway, one of the central themes of the film was choice. Do you choose to stay in a bad situation? Or do you choose to do something about it? Do you choose to accept curent circumstances?

Certainly, I'm not a high school student in the bad part of LA, but the idea of choice has been sitting on my shoulder since last week. What do I choose to do? I have chosen to get an education. I have chosen to live in Boston. I have chosen to get married, to not get a driver's license.

Right now in my career I am facing new circumstances, and for a week I have been looking at the situation in a new light: I can choose to accept the new order, or I can choose to change things. I suppose I could even choose to find a new circumstance.

But I am learning that I am not "stuck" with what's going on. I have a choice. The next step is making the choice.