Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Writing That I Don't Do

I do my best writing in the sauna. Lying there in the heat, after a vicious workout, words float through my brain and form the most beautiful sentences. Novels, essays, blog posts converge, not to mention the snappy comebacks that I wanted to be able to use hours or days before.

But too often, all that writing evaporates with the heat when I exit the sauna. That magical 15-20 minutes is the sweet spot, and then I get out, and get dressed and go home. Very rarely do those words get down in a physical (or digital) format. 

It's disappointing for me not writing. I write for my job, and certainly I write emails, but rarely do I actually write just for myself. I used to write all the time, in a journal, on my laptop, on this blog. And now I'm held back.

Some of it comes from my perfectionist tendencies. I don't want words out there that aren't perfect. That aren't sourced and cited. I don't want some Internet troll to hack apart my premises.

Some of it is from self-censorship. I've had plenty of things that I wanted to discuss, but they're of a personal nature, and I know for a fact I don't want any future employer to read about these things. Nor do I want family members reading them. (So why would I write them on a public medium? Because I know so many wonderful people over the web and I'd want them to read it.)

So this is a post about the writing that I don't do. I don't write poems anymore. I don't write stories. I haven't even gotten around to writing about the amazing customer service letter I got from the Dremel company a few months ago. 

And here's to the writing that I will hopefully do, when I find the right time, topic, and medium.