Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Recap

Ah Friday, the end of the traditional work week.

Here's what was new on the blog this week:

Cookies and Process Evaluation - How a simple afternoon of baking leads into thinking about how often we evaluate our recipes for projects.

Breaking Down Strategy - Inspired by Lois Geller's Forbes piece, this article breaks down strategy into its most basic components.

And here are some interesting articles from around the web:

Productivity on Fridays - Liz Strauss gives you a game plan to end the week with a strategy for making Mondays more productive and less stressful.

Apps I Want To Go Away - Sam Grobart on the unusual fact that Apple won't let you delete the Stocks app from your iPhone. (I have often rued that point myself.)

Social Media Global Domination - Lisa Gerber talks about how mass commodification and Facebook are working to destroy the charm of the special and local.

Have you found any good reads lately? Feel free to share them in the comments.