Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why I Am Leaving Your LinkedIn Group

Dear Moderator,
When I first found the listing for your group, I was very interested. The group focused on a topic that was relevant to my career path, and seemed to have some interesting members.

But after a few days, I noticed the group wasn't really that active. For one thing, a new post entitled "Manifeste Relations Work" was reposted every single day, in both the Discussions and Jobs sections of the group. It was reposted by the same person, who always "liked" her own post, and no one ever replied to it. As a moderator, you should have noticed this sort of spamming and deleted it, or removed that person from the group. 

I never see any group manager's choice discussions, which means you probably aren't monitoring the content or even interested in the content. Discussions don't go anywhere, but it's your job as moderator to try and spur more conversation, or post relevant links to start a conversation.

I belong to a lot of LinkedIn Groups, and I get a lot of "daily digest" emails. I don't think I need to keep deleting the digest from your group. Please let me know if you start actually engaging your group community.

Best of luck,